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Graduate Course Descriptions

MIS 740 Software Concepts 3 credits

First course in programming for non-programmers aimed at developing a proficiency in designing and writing programs using a high-level programming language. Topics include standard programming constructs (conditionals, loops, etc.), concept of an algorithm, and fundamental data types (numbers, strings, arrays, etc.). Prerequisite: MBA 730 or admission to the MS MIS program.

MIS 744 Information Systems Planning & Strategy (3 credits)

Familiarizes students with aspects of developing, implementing and evaluating strategic plans for corporate information systems as a competitive tool; using methods and frameworks for strategic analysis; assisting in establishing an information systems strategy; developing an understanding of change management issues in IS planning for organizations. Prerequisites: Completion of the core MBA curriculum, admission to the MS MIS program, or approval of the Associate Dean.

MIS 746 Information Systems Project Management (3 credits)

Conceptual material on project management techniques. Planning, organizing and controlling of projects in manufacturing and service organizations. Includes project management process, project scheduling, project resource management, schedule duration risk analysis and management of project. Prerequisites: MBA 730.

MIS 752 Advanced Topics in MIS (3 credits)

Advanced or specialized study in a special topic or subject area in information systems. May be repeated with different subject matter to a maximum of six credits. Prerequisite: MBA 730.

MIS 753 Independent Study (3-6 credits)

Independent study under the direction of a faculty advisor of a topic in information systems. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: MBA 730.

MIS760 Data Communications and Networking (3 credits)

The concepts, models, architectures, protocols, standards, and security for the design, implementation, and management of digital networks. Essentials of local area networks (LAN), metropolitan area networks (MAN), and wide area networks (WAN), Transmission and switching efficiency, and regulatory and technical environments. Topics include security and authentication, network operating systems, e-commerce and associated web sites and practices, middleware for wireless systems, multimedia, and conferencing. Prerequisite: Admission to the MBA or MS in MIS program

MIS762 Analysis, Modeling and Design (3 credits)

Systems development life cycle, analysis and design techniques. Information systems planning, project identification and selection, requirements collection and structuring, process modeling, data modeling. Design of interface and data management, system implementation and operation, system maintenance, and change management. Rapid application development, and prototyping. Prerequisite: MBA730

MIS764 Advanced Web Development and Electronic Commerce (3 credits)

Integration of technology and commercial practices for doing business on the Internet. Business and social implications of the emergence of electronic commerce in cyberspace. Technological and organizational issues that are presently faced and need to be solved in the future. Introduction to and application of advanced tools and techniques in the development of commercial-quality web sites. Prerequisite: MBA730

MIS766 Data Management (3 credits)

Concepts, principles, issues and techniques for managing corporate data resources. Techniques for managing the design and development of large database systems including logical data models, concurrent processing, data distribution, database administration, data warehousing, data cleansing, and data mining. Prerequisite: MBA730

MIS 768 Java Programming (3 credits)

Java programming language, platform, software delivery environment, internet commerce environment, applications vs. applets/services, Java APIs and extensions, paradigms in information systems, network computers, security and future directions. Prerequisite: MIS 740.

MIS 770 IS Security, Audit and Control (3 credits)

Investigates broad selection of contemporary issues in computer security, including an assessment of state-of-the art approaches used to address security problems. Integration with organizational/informational systems audit, computer information systems, and management practices. Prerequisite: MBA 730.

MIS 772 Advanced Information Systems (3 credits)

Technical and managerial issues in the effective development and use of decision support systems (DDS) from three distinct approaches: data, intelligence and groups. Extensive hands-on exercises with state-of-the-art software. Exposure to current industry best practices. Prerequisite: MBA 730, MIS744.

MIS 773 Research Seminar in Information Systems (3 credits)

Survey a range of historic and current research in IS to understand current problems of interest to IS researchers and methods used to address them. A major deliverable for the course will be a proposal for a thesis research project. Prerequisite: MBA 730.

MIS 775 IT Architecture for Business (3 credits)

How IT Architecture can meet corporate information systems needs. Topics include system scaling, architecture design, service-oriented architectures, web services, agile application development, corporate IT security, disaster recovery and others. Students apply concepts using the IBM System i. Prerequisites: MIS 760 and MIS 762 or instructor permission.

MIS 776 Business Intelligence and Data Mining (3 credits)

Business intelligence refers to the set of technologies and tools that enable organizations to integrate, store, analyze, and report data for the purpose of obtaining competitive advantage. Students will be exposed to key components of business intelligence applications, including defining data structure, analyzing cubes, data mining, and reporting. Prerequisites: MIS 766 or instructor permission.

MIS 777 Project Feasibility Study and Proposal (3 credits)

Mastery of methods and techniques required to propose new systems for processes, applications and products, including idea generation, data collection, analysis, project proposals, client presentations, sourcing and vendor negotiation. Emphasis on data collection techniques, including structured and unstructured individual and group interviews, survey questionnaires, observation, and document analysis.  Prerequisites: Admission to a graduate program in MIS or consent of the Director of MIS Graduate Programs.

MIS 780 Thesis (3 credits)

Qualified students working on an individual basis with professors who have agreed to supervise such work. The thesis must be a substantial piece of work demonstrating the use of research methods and presentation of research results. Students are expected to attend research seminars. This course is a six-credit hour thesis and is expected to take two semesters to complete. Prerequisite: MIS 773 with a minimum grade of B.

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