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Marketing & International Business

The Department of Marketing and International Business provides a professional orientation to education with course work emphasizing both the theory and the practice of Marketing or International Business. The Marketing degree strives to instill a marketing frame of reference in doing business; to develop an understanding and appreciation of how marketing interacts with the other aspects of an organization; and to establish a foundation of marketing knowledge that will best prepare majors and minors for careers in their chosen fields.

Students with degrees in marketing obtain employment in a wide range of marketing-related fields, including data analytics, retailing, product/brand management, advertising, distribution, international business, marketing research, purchasing, services marketing, sports marketing, hospitality, and sales management.

Every major industry has an increased global presence.  The International Business program provides students with the analytical tools and conceptual knowledge to understand international Marketing, Finance and Strategy.   The International Business program prepares students for careers with multinational firms within the United States or with International organizations. Competency in a foreign language is a requirement of the program.

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